"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looking a little better

As Greg mentioned, Connie woke up peacefully--and just in time for a visit from his pediatrician who was here visiting a patient who was born a couple of days ago with TGA. He confirmed that the way I perceive the staff's perception of us is probably pretty accurate. For one, we left town for his "big surgery". This makes them think we think they are inferior. Number two, we went to St. John's initially then had to be transferred here. I just have a feeling that they are a little territorial, but that may just be me making more out of it. Dr. Davis said there probably is a bit of that going on actually. Oh well. They can get over it. I'm a little concerned though because the night nurses just came on a little while ago and Connie's nurse for the next 12 hours is one that was mentioned recently in an email from another heart mom in the area who's son just had OHS here as a nurse to avoid because of mistakes! Great. Now I have the added pressure of asking for a nursing change, which will make them like us all the more, I'm sure. I'll pray about it and since he's not super critical right now and she's not set to give him any meds or anything, I'll probably give her the benefit for a little while. Ugh. I hate this.

ConBon asked for a drink and has had some sips of chocolate milk and we ordered him a tray and he has had, you guessed it, saltine crackers! Although, he did eat most of a chocolate chip cookie as well, so that's some improvement. He also had about 8 or 10 bites of chicken noodle soup. He got all his wires untangled and even drew with a pen on some paper and his legs! He's pretty cooperative so far. Let's cross our fingers that he continues to feel better and more alert and active.

The next step is an echo in the morning. I heard Dr. Van Hale tell the rest of the team during rounds, when asked by Dr. Ghandi about the potential for ablation, say that the youngest he'd done ablation on a kid with a senning procedure was four years of age. The doctor for overnight asked him what to do if he went into flutter again and he said, "He won't. If he does, call the director of the unit. We're not starting him on amiodarone without talking first." It seems that he's a bit of an unusual case, even for here. We expected St. John's to be a bit freaked out by his anatomy, but it was funny how on the way here, the doctor that came to pick him up didn't even know what a Senning procedure was. When they were getting his history, all 17 times, they were very impressed by the information I gave them. A couple even asked if I had a medical background. I told them no, I'm a kindergarten teacher, actually. That made me feel like Supermommy!


H. James said...

You ARE supermommy!
You be Momma Bear, and if you need to, you ask for a different nurse tonight!
I just caught up on your adventures for the day and I am so glad Connie has come through quite successfully. I can only imagine how worrisome that must have been for you. I'll be checking again tomorrow.
With love,
Heather, Tim, Bailey & Libby

Debbie Gentry said...

Erin, I agree - you ARE a supermommy! I'm glad things are looking better tonight. We will continue to pray for you all! May you have a peaceful night and be able to bring Conway home soon!
God bless,
Debbie Gentry

Cathy P said...

We will all be praying for you guys tomorrow at the MOPS meeting!!! Glad to hear that things are looking better tonight!

Hang in there Erin! You're amazing!

Cathy Pescarino