"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, July 29, 2013

General Update

No earth shattering news in this update. It is more of a post for our own records but you are welcome to read and stay in the loop.

Connie has been generally well this summer but I have had a nagging feeling he's a bit off for about the past month. He is sleeping more, eating less, whining more, playing less... just not himself. We have seen this in the past when his heart is out of rhythm so we called the cardiologist to see if he'd take a look. I know when Greg notices a difference it isn't just my imagination. We went in last Thursday for a pacer interrogation, chest x-ray and exam. His heart checked out perfectly. Dr. Bromberg understood our concerns and patiently explained that Connie is very stable right now, as hard as it is to believe, and we should expect him to remain that way. Seems tough when you are so connected to the rest of the "heart world" via social media and there are a lot of kiddos struggling right now. He urged us to see the pediatrician for some lab work and another exam to test for a possible viral infection of some sort. He ended up getting a very bad reaction (again) to a mosquito bite Thursday afternoon so the doctor wanted to take a look at him anyway. His left foot and leg swelled so big he couldn't put a shoe on or walk at all on Friday. That little bite earned him 10 days of antibiotics and 5 days of steroids. We got the lab results yesterday and they were all normal. They even checked a BNP at Dr. Bromberg's request and it was the lowest it has ever been recorded in him (18.6)! BNP is the test that measures heart failure. When he needed his mitral valve repaired it was over 7000 and after his last surgery, I believe the lowest it got was around 200-400. So this definitely seems to be a big improvement. His heart size on x-ray was also improved compared to the April 2012 film. It is now considered normal size.  I will be posting about Camp Rhythm very soon as it begins this Wednesday. He is looking forward to it. We are moving on Thursday so there hasn't been much time this summer to post pics lately. We have a few cute ones from recent boat rides on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. He loves swimming and tubing, but I think his favorite activity out there is napping in the cabin as the boat sways. 

**Updated 7/30/13: Dr. Bromberg emailed after getting the lab results from Dr. Davis and says he wants Connie to wear a holter monitor and get out a play quite a bit with the monitor on.  When he was interrogating the device in his office last week, he noticed that the unit was picking up "artifact" any time Connie would stretch or move his arms.  It could be that when he is running or very active that the pacemaker is sensing extra beats and getting out of synchrony.  Generally they would test this in the office using a treadmill but Connie is too small for theirs so we will wear a holter and take him to the driving range, outside to ride scooters, to the park and anything else we can find for him to enjoy that is active.  So, we will do this test next week sometime and share the results when we get them.  This should not be a big deal, just some tweaking might be necessary.  He will still be able to have both ventricles paced, but may go back to the old mode he was in prior to the generator replacement last August.