"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Conway will be adding a new specialist to his medical profile. On Monday, he has an appointment with a pulmonologist. We've known for some time that he has viral induced asthma, which presented itself as a cough that just wouldn't go away after an illness. Well, within the past four days he has twice spent the wee hours of the morning struggling to breathe. He gets scared and so do we. To hear your five year old tell you he wants to breathe but just can't is possibly one of the most heart-breaking phrases he's ever uttered... right behind telling me he was "actually ready to go home" after he just couldn't bear the chest tube discomfort any longer last August. At the advice of the school nurse and our own gut feeling, I called the cardiologist to get a recommendation for a pulmonary specialist. His cardiac nurse has a son with severe asthma so she knows just how we feel. She even offered to personally call to set up an appt. if "we got any run around" and weren't able to get in for awhile! Luckily we're set up first thing Monday. Since he has to be the one that everything happens to, we also just discovered at a check up that he has a cavity. Since it is on a molar they want to crown it. We've read there are some different schools of thought on treatment so we haven't decided anything yet. He already dislikes the dentist. I can't imagine how he'll be when they inject a needle into his gums! This afternoon I went for my monthly check up on the new baby girl. Everything is right on track. The doctor said today she'll induce me a week early for a couple of reasons. One is that Karsten weighed nearly 11 pounds and he was born a week early. The other is that Mary Kathleen's First Holy Communion is the day before my actual due date. Obviously she's not scheduling it for convenience sake, and there is a very legit reason to get the ball rolling ahead of schedule. I am breathing a sigh of relief to think I won't have to worry about missing out on such a big day for MK. I missed Cece's First Communion because Connie was in the PICU at Mercy in heart failure. So, now there is a very real likelihood that this child will share a birthday with Karsten! Please pray Connie will breathe easy and for God to show us the best treatment path for his asthma and his cavity.