"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Versed makes me so giddy!

Monkers got an ID bracelet too!

"I so tired."

"All done Dr. Bromberg's Hospital."

It was a long day but went well, I'd say. Arrived at 9:45 am and got discharged around 6:30 or so. They weren't in any hurry to get rid of him b/c of his cardiac history. The anesthesiologist was even going to admit him if it made us more comfortable. We all felt better giving him as much time as he needed and given how much morphine and benadryl that he received, he needed a lot of time just to be able to hold his head up and keep his eyes open longer than a few seconds! He woke up pretty discombobulated in the recovery room but settled down pretty well once they got me back there to see him. I got to hold him and rock him the rest of the hour and then back to the pre-op holding area. He drank a total of 2.5 small cans of sprite and ate doritos and teddy grahams. All was fine until we got on the highway heading home in a torrential downpour when he vomited all over. And I mean ALL OVER! So far he's not been sick again and we're crossing our fingers it's out of his system. The big problem now is going to be keeping him safe. We absolutely must to keep him from reinjuring that arm. Today Dr. Stazzone was able to do a closed reduction, but if this happens again he'll have to make an incision and put rods or pins in the bone. Today he might have even done that but he weighed the risks of potential cardiac complications with extended surgery time and decided that the alignment he was getting was good enough. He referred to the way the bones are placed now as "bayonetting"; meaning that they are not perfectly straight, but one is a little elevated and parallel. He says if it stays this way he'll heal just fine and have no long term problems. We go back in another week to make sure the bone is still in the right place. He says he'll have the cast at least another month and then he's putting him in a brace for a month. We're praying that we can keep him from acting like a boy for at least the next two weeks so that this bone can calcify some and harden.

He got tons of compliments on how well he handled the day. They say most three year olds don't do nearly that well. God sure blessed us, didn't he?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surgery tomorrow

Just got back from the orthopaedic doctor's office. Should have known by how the morning started out what he'd say. First off, on my way there something hit the windshield and it's got a nice crack now. Then, I mistakenly went all the way in to the Ballas office when his appt. was at the O'Fallon-Progress West office. Then we get into the office and Karsten woke up starving. I guess I should have assumed we'd get bad news after the x-ray. Dr. Stazzone came in and laughing, asked if he'd fallen or hurt it again somehow. Yesterday he was ramming himself into the couch and did jam his fingers and at that time he complained about his arm hurting again. I'm assuming that's what knocked it out of alignment because it wasn't that crooked when he first broke it. The doctor said he has to get this done soon so that it doesn't permanently heal in a v-shape like the x-ray shows now. They split his cast and taped the outside to stabilize it somewhat until his surgery tomorrow. He has to be there at 10am for a 12pm surgery time. He will get anesthesia and then they will yank on it until they get it back into alignment. They said he'll be given a prescription for some pain meds as he will be hurting afterward.

Please keep him in mind tomorrow and pray that he won't be scared and that he won't start hating "Dr. Bromberg's hospital". Perhaps they should change the name of St. John's to Dr. Bromberg's Hospital because that's what he says every time we pull into the parking lot. He's agreed to get a soccer ball cast so hopefully he won't glow in the dark anymore (haha). We'll let you know how it goes when time allows.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Back on Diuretic

For a couple weeks Greg has been concerned about Connie getting clammy. We tried to convince ourselves he was just hot from playing too hard but he was getting like that even when he was sitting still-just playing on the computer, etc. Right after he stopped the diuretic I thought he got a bit puffy and gained some weight (2 lbs.) right away but told myself he'd had a growth spurt and it was just my perception that he was so big b/c I was used to holding the baby all day so of course he would seem bigger to me. He's also been sleeping better than usual; taking longer naps, sleeping in in the mornings and not waking so much at night. It was a welcome change, but unlike him for sure. He's due to go back for a check-up next Monday, but Greg was uncomfortable waiting that long to let the doctor know about these changes. We called the office and after talking with Dr. Bromberg, Nurse Kelly told us to restart his diuretic, Aldactazide. We're bummed a little, but hoping it does the trick to get him back to being his usual self.

He's still got the cast on and goes back for a repeat x-ray on Wednesday. If the bone is not aligned, they are talking about having to surgically correct it. Please pray that it is healing fine and that he might be able to get a waterproof cast on at the next visit. Two days after it was put on he got it wet at school and it had to be cut off and replaced!

We went to Mother's Day Brunch with Greg's side of the family. Here's a pic where you can see his cast. It's hard to miss as it's as bright yellow as they come! He picked it out himself.