"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Joke!

Although today is April Fool's Day, this post is not a joke. It is all true, even though it seems almost unthinkable! Connie had his check up with his cardiologist today. It was a routine visit and six months from the last. He had the works including an echo, pacemaker check and all the regular things they do during an office visit. First bit of news is that Conway is in the 75th percentile for height and weight for his age. Our small fry is growing by leaps and bounds-almost four inches since his surgery last August. Dr. Bromberg was very impressed by his growth (49 lbs and 46.5 inches) and called him a lean, mean machine. He said he looked like a power forward! We then chatted for a moment about Michigan's win yesterday and berth into the Final Four. Go Blue! Connie gave Dr. Bromberg a gift since Saturday was National Doctor's Day. He got a t-shirt that has a heart with a beat in the middle of it and underneath the heart it reads, "Got Rhythm?" (similar to the got milk? ad campaign). He loved it and said he thinks it will be perfect to wear under his scrubs when he does ablations :) Pacemaker checked out fine, showing 3-4 years of battery life left on it and an underlying rhythm in the 30 bpm range. During his echo he requested to watch Calliou on the TV so he did. He is always so cooperative and pleasant while the techs painstakingly search around for requested pictures trying to figure out his complex anatomy. Dr. Bromberg couldn't get the file to transfer from the ultrasound machine to his computer so he came in the room to review it and commented that he'll study it further later when he isn't distracted, but at first glance he looks great. Dr. Bromberg spent some more time with sharing how pleased he was at how everything is going. He mentioned to the echo tech that the mitral valve surgery in 2009 helped him a great deal and that this most recent surgery seems to have gotten him exactly where he needs to be. He is even considering stopping the Enalapril, which would mean that for the first time since Conway was 4 weeks old, he would not have to take a daily heart medication! He also says he can't justify bringing us back in for more testing for a year... A YEAR! The longest Conway has ever gone between cardiology visits is six months (just this past six months, never could make it that long before!). We will still dial in the pacemaker checks every 3 months, but unless we have concerns, there is no need to echo him or listen to him before next spring. I think Connie is a little disappointed, given how close he is to everyone in that office. He's been there so often he actually looks forward to going. He's kind of a little star in their book considering how sick he was and how far he has come. To be honest, I don't mind going frequently as it gives us a great deal of reassurance. However, I realize that a part of healing is moving on from the constant monitoring and living more like a normal kid... one that doesn't have to spend hours and hours in doctors' offices. So, we will try to embrace and enjoy this new path we are on for as long as we are on it. On another positive note, Connie just received his third quarter report card, reflecting a boy that is on target in all areas except PE and handwriting. He just started working with an OT, Mrs. Debbie, who is quite impressed with him already. He lacks some endurance in his upper body and tires when doing small motor tasks so he's been given some chores to do around the house to help him build some muscle. I expect now that the weather is improving he'll be building a lot more strength with all the playing outside. Just the few nice days we've had lately, I have already observed a significant improvement in his stamina and interest in playing outside. He's gaining coordination and balance too, by riding his razor scooter for long periods of time. Who knows? We may even end up attempting to learn to ride a two wheeler by the end of summer! We hope to write another post very soon to announce the birth of Conway's new baby sister. I'm scheduled to be induced on 4/7 if she hasn't come on her own by then.