"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Appointment Update

Conway has had a few appointments recently and has a couple more in the next week or so. He went to Dr. Tychsen yesterday for his twice yearly eye exam and after waiting two hours he was cleared for a whole year! He's still far sighted, more than a child his age should be. They said that young children can compensate for this and as long as he's not this far sighted by the time he's eight or nine we can avoid glasses.

He's been to the pediatrician for his flu shot and to check on some bumps on his legs, arms and face. The doctor thinks they were just bug bites that got infected and as a precaution she put him on both an oral and topical antiobiotic. His lymph nodes behind his ear and on the neck were even being affected by the bites. The sores were oozing and draining and looked nothing like any mosquito bites I've ever seen! We just got word back today that thankfully, the cultures came back negative. Yesterday he broke out in a rash again on his torso. Doctor thinks it's unrelated to the meds as the rash is not hive-like. It's better today so they're thinking he just picked up "another virus".

He goes to Dr. Bromberg for a big cardiac exam including x-ray, echo, pacemaker interrogation and lab work next Monday. We'd appreciate any and all prayers for good news. He appears to be doing well but there have been times when he's been a bit off; overly sluggish and tired, excessively thirsty, etc. We'll feel much better after Dr. Bromberg checks him over thoroughly.

A week after that appointment he sees the dentist. Last time he cried and was a little scared so pray that he'll be "so brave" this time.

He's been busy going to preschool, spending time dancing to VBS CD's, riding his sister's razor scooter and riding his trike. He loves playing outside now that the weather has become tolerable. We've been having some fun on the weekends when it's not raining and cancelling MK's soccer games! We recently made our first family trip to Eckert's Farm to pick apples. The girls and I made pies and shared our haul with all the neighbors. We also went to a fundraiser for St. Louis Children's Hospital. Connie had a blast riding on the "train" at both places.