"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secure Once Again

The new replacement Mr. Monks came today. I washed it and presented it to Connie right before bedtime and he was so thrilled. No, he didn't speak it's name as his first word like Trixie did in the book Knuffle Bunny, but he did give the monkey love pats and rubbed it on his face and looked at me and Grandma as if to say, "Is it really him? Is this my Monkers?" At least Mommy feels better now. He didn't seem traumatized in the least by the loss of his security blanket, which I guess is a small miracle in and of itself. I think I was more upset about the ordeal than he. I was the same way when Mary Kathleen lost her blue bunny lovey at Harris' 2007 Breakfast with Santa. I went back there two times after returning home before finally finding him in an almost empty parking lot, soaking wet from the rain and with dirt and tire tracks on him from the cars running him over. That had a happy ending too, as he is still with our family. We did invest in a back-up blue bunny at that time (it was a wake up call for us) and it's all worked out!

OT came this week (we're on an every other week schedule now in case I haven't mentioned that previously). She said he's doing phenomenally well and when we have our meeting next month to review his IFSP (plan) we'll probably stop OT services! The dietician is also coming next week and she said, after reading how well he's eating, that as long as the doctors are not concerned with his weight then she'll probably discharge him from nutrition services as well! Then there's PT, which will probably not be around for long either since he's walking now. I think she told us that she'd see him through getting steady and walking on several types of surfaces, etc. before discontinuing therapy. Next week we're going out on the grass to walk in the yard while she's here. We're still trying to get him to utter some words or phrases or anything at all, but it'll come with time. They told us that kids who don't eat solids (and he didn't eat until 8 months after most babies start) are behind in speech because they have weak oral motor skills. Once they've been eating for awhile and strengthen those muscles, the speech comes along too. He's doing a great job communicating and signs what he wants or tells you with motions or his eyes. His new favorite thing to do is bring us a book to read to him. His favorite is Dr. Seuss' Foot Book. He also is copying everything he sees his big sister doing. Greg made a little corner in the living room the "reading corner" and he put her books in a basket and a little rocking chair next to the books. The books that are in that basket are books that we've read aloud and recorded so that they can hear us read to them even when one of us is not here (like when Mommy's at work). Now he goes over and gets a book, climbs up in the rocker and turns the pages. It's hilarious, because sometimes he'll have the book upside down. I guess Mommy better get busy teaching concepts of print to this little guy! His other favorite past time is wrestling. He's so rough! If you sit on the floor he gets this look on his face that says, "Heeeeeere I come!" Then he just topples you over and climbs all over you and pushes against you. He does the same thing to Mook in the wagon. He'll stand up and put his head down and go straight for her. They think it is hilarious, but given that he's only about four pounds lighter, he knocks her down in one easy motion!