"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazy Times and Prayer Request

Okay, prayer warriors! We need you to storm heaven again. Life has been pretty hairy here lately and is about to get even more so. I am sure things could be much worse. I remind myself that we are living life at home and not cooped up in some hospital so for that especially I am thankful.

Here are our specific needs for you to keep in mind:
1) Kindergarten Screening. Conway goes tomorrow (Saturday) morning for testing to see if he qualifies for entrance into a private school. We are especially nervous given his recent tears over attending said school. I am pretty sure he might think he's going to be switching schools tomorrow and no matter how many ways we try to explain it, he is virtually inconsolable on the issue. Please pray that God calms him so that he can do his best and showcase the gifts God gave him.

2) Oral surgery and pre-op appointments. We got several calls today regarding his upcoming oral surgery scheduled for 3/6. We were told that the anesthesiologist wants to examine him and also needs clearance from his cardiologist. While I appreciate their thoroughness I am disappointed that they won't take our card's word. Rather, they are requiring a full cardiac work-up prior to the surgery. Conway was just seen in Sept. and cardiology assured them that nothing major happens over the course of a few months. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that he needs to be his best before going under, but I also am upset that this is turning into such an ordeal. He was put under for his broken arm surgery at the same hospital in summer of 2010 without all this fanfare. And at that point, he was less than a year out from major open heart surgery. He's been healthy now for 2.5 years so I'm puzzled as to why everyone's so alarmed. Please pray that the appointments go smoothly, efficiently and that there are no surprises. It also wouldn't hurt if we could be so lucky as to get into cardiology and anesthesiology on the same day!

3) My knee. I blew out my ACL and have to have an ACL reconstruction on 2/16. Greg and I are getting more anxious by the day about what my limitations will be as far as taking care of the house and kids. My doctor says to expect to be out of work for 4 weeks while I'm on crutches. Trying to fit in PT appointments with our already busy schedules seems daunting! Not to mention, Greg is spread so thin right now we don't see how he can take on another task (caring for me, the gimp).

4) My grandma. Evangeline Veronica O'Leary passed on 2/3 with her family by her side. She was almost 98 and really enjoyed Conway. Conway knew that he and great-grandma shared a special bond; they'd both had open heart surgery. They had matching zipper scars on their chests. This last year or so she's been battling painful injuries and broken bones and been in and out of hospitals and rehab nursing homes trying to get better. Most young children are apprehensive or afraid of visiting such places, especially when older adults try to talk to them. Not our Conway! He genuinely greeted every patient he passed and asked to go visiting quite often. Conway doesn't grasp the fact that we're not going to have those opportunities any more. Today we went to her apartment bldg. to celebrate her life with the other seniors she befriended and he kept asking to go up the elevator to her apartment to see her. He knows she lives with Jesus now, and that she's all better, but I don't think he really gets it. He still prays every night for her and that her bones will heal and she'll get well enough to go home. We just keep telling him she IS home now, but her home is in heaven.

As I said, these "problems" are so very minor compared with some. We are so grateful to all of you who still keep up with us and our journey. We hope and pray that God continues to reveal himself to us through your thoughts and prayers.