"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Great Morning

Connie has had a great morning and has had NO EXTRA NAPS! He's been up since about 7:35am and had a visit from Dr. Bromberg right after breakfast. He thinks he looks more active and given the fact that it is noon and he's just now ready for a nap I'd say that his endurance is definitely greater. They decreased the milrinone this AM and right about now are scheduled to turn off the drip entirely. I even convinced Dr. Bromberg to write that if his line should become occluded somehow, they are not to place another IV! As long as he keeps eating and drinking it would be okay to go without IV fluids until tomorrow midday so hopefully we can avoid any more pokes than absolutely necessary. We know he'll be getting his INR level checked tomorrow and again on Friday. We'll be seeing Dr. Bromberg in the office on Thursday and possibly on Monday, but he says I can just call and tell him how he's doing and then we'll be set for cardioversion procedure on Tuesday. This is all IF he tolerates being off the milrinone for at least 24 hours! We know our little boy likes to throw a monkey wrench in our plans most times, so we're not placing any bets. That is just what we'd like to see happen.

In Mommy news, I got offered a massage today and I took them up on it! I got about 15 minutes of peace and Connie sat and played nicely with Nurse Molly while I was gone. What a relief that was. I also received Communion and prayed with the chaplain for Connie's appetite and tolerance to the reduction in meds. This evening Dr. Bromberg is going to increase his Enalapril again to a higher dose than what he was on at home before all this started. His hope is that this will be enough and we won't need Milrinone again.

For breakfast he had a few bites of scrambled eggs and 4 oz of OJ, only because I forced it. All he really wanted was the fritos leftover from last night. Same for lunch. He did drink almost 7 oz of OJ, and ate almost a whole bag of baked lays chips! What is it with the chips?!

I take back the nap thing. He changed his mind.

The milrinone just got turned off. Start praying!

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that Dr. Bromberg also ordered a 12-lead ECG to have on record so that the next time this happens he will have something to compare this episode to. We are going to be looking for a stethoscope for at home to start regularly monitoring his heart rate .

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Natalie Bourque said...

that's fabulous. praying that everything continues to move forward...natalie bourque (brittany's mom, ltga, vsd)