"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back to Normal

Connie stayed home yesterday and was pretty close to normal. He ended up getting one dose of ibuprofen around lunch and looked a little blotchy faced all day but other than that was himself. Today he went to school and has been eating his normal diet of hot sauce, jalapenos and ice water! We follow up with the oral surgeon in three weeks. Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're home

First, you need to read the next post, then jump back up here.

We arrived home at about 6:40pm after his 30 min. surgery. You know our Connie, he does nothing by the book. Right after they brought us the discharge papers to sign just before 3pm, he got lethargic and limp and wouldn't respond to his name. He had been up, alert, talkative and happily drinking slushies for an hour and then this happened. It was alarming for sure. The nurse happened to be in the room when it took place because we had just called for help with getting him up for the bathroom (still had IV). She was calm, but immediately called for a doctor, which got me a little worried. His anesthesiologist was right outside the door and came in to observe. They hooked him back up and checked his vitals, which were normal. He just could not maintain any level of alertness. I later described the episode to cardiology and they think it could have been a vasovagal syncope type of thing (brief fainting spell). He took a decent nap afterward and then once we were discharged, we headed straight for the hospital cafeteria, where he'd been begging to go all day. All he was allowed was soft foods but he's not crazy about puddings and such. We let him get some salami and juice and sat down to enjoy. Moments later he vomited all three slushies! On the way home he got sick again and did so again following his bath. We gave him half a percocet at bedtime in hopes that when his local wears off he won't hurt too badly. He'll stay home tomorrow, mainly so we can make sure some food stays down. If he's doing well he'll go back to school on Thurs.

Thank you for your prayers today! They mean a lot.

Surgery Day

Conway's oral surgeon just came back and said all went well. He was able to save the front baby teeth and work around them so that's great. He gave us the tooth he pulled out so Conway can get a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight! We will go back for a follow up in three weeks. He said there will be some swelling and soreness, but they will numb it which should last until bedtime and then he can have some percocet tonight to help him sleep. This was the first procedure he's had (and he's had many) where he's been scared beforehand. He was scared mainly of the mask they use to give the gas. This puzzles me since he uses a mask at home for his nebulizer breathing treatments. He wanted us to go back with him and some hospitals allow that, but not Mercy :( he did get Versed beforehand and it did knock him for a loop, but it didn't make him silly and goofy like it's done in the past. There was definitely still a somber mood in the room. Now I just hope and pray he won't need anything else medical for a good, long while. Thanks for the prayers. We'll keep you posted after we get to see him.