"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The Medtronic Mad Scientists (engineers and field reps) have been working feverishly with the MD's today to understand what is going on, what happened, and what needs to be done regarding the pacemaker. At about 3pm, the pacemaker nurse and the field rep came in to adjust settings. I still am completely lost when it comes to understanding this portion of Connie's heart disease. Now the flutter will show up on a CareLink monitor transmission if the docs look for an atrial ECGM or EGM or something like that. It won't be missed again. His lower rate is now set at 100 and might come down before we leave the hospital. They tried him as low as 60 and his own rate never did kick on to override that. That means if his pacer malfunctioned or something and he wasn't being paced he would feel pretty miserable. As soon as she turned it down he started fussing. The other thing we should look for is the artery in his neck. If it is going fast or is very noticeable, we should send a transmission. The heartbreaking news is that he's been in flutter on and off for over 15 days. On the atrial arrhythmia report by month, there were a few brief episodes in April and then May is just covered in abnormality. I just wish he could tell us his heart feels funny. Poor baby. Hopefully the amio will do it's job and we can prevent future episodes. Dr. VanHare reiterated today the need for a catheter ablation, but that it would not be recommended until he is much bigger (like 7 or 8 years old). So, for now we hope that the amio is well tolerated and works! We'll leave it up to God since it's even pretty tricky for the smart people at Medtronic to nail down :)

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Our Prayers are with you guys and Conway! Lotsa Love, The Bakers, Kim and Fritz