"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, November 23, 2007


Conway's big, post-surgery debut was on Thanksgiving. It was basically the first time out other than to doctors appts. We packed lots of clothes and washcloths and two pies and headed out the door around 1pm. We got home a little before 9pm. He threw up all but one of the feedings he had while we were gone (frown). The worst was in the car on the way home. That time he threw up the tube out his mouth so we had to pull it out the rest of the way and get the tape off. Tearing the tape off is the most painful for him and at home we soak the tape in water to get it off easier. Couldn't do that in the middle of the backseat so we just pulled it quickly and applied pressure afterward. He soaked his outfit and carseat! He enjoyed seeing everyone and watching the commotion of it all.

His vomiting seems to be increasing again. It is almost like unless he is asleep and still the whole time he's fed and afterward he will throw up and throw up a lot. With him eating every three hours it is hard to do his therapies and practice and not have it induce vomiting. I have to try to do his oral practice at a time where he hasn't been fed within the last hour or so and isn't being fed because he usually gags during it. Same with physical therapy work. It's hard to do tummy time or any other movements of any kind anytime close to a feeding because he throws up. That would all be fine except that then you have to take into account the fact that he takes two long naps every day. So finding a time when he's awake and not hungry but not full is hard. I may try calling the doctor Monday to see if we can give him 150mL every 4 hours or so and that way he still gets the same total amount each day, just an ounce more at each feeding, but less feedings (probably doesn't make sense how I'm explaining it--I'm tired and it's late!). We'll see what she says, but at least that would give us more of a window to work with him at a "not-so-volatile" time.

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Love the Scripture! That's one of my favorite Psalms. I am glad Conway got out of the house a bit on Thanksgiving. He's so sweet and so cute! I pray the vomiting stops and that oral motor function will continue to improve.

Thank you for sharing him with us. It's a privilege to read about him and your family.