"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, November 6, 2009

It's not flutter, but...

...Connie is not right. Conway got his H1N1 shot yesterday around 5pm. Today at about 3pm he started getting whiny and following me around and asking to be held. I asked if he wanted to snuggle and so we laid down for a while on his bed. He seemed really tired (he woke from his nap around 2:20 so not sure why he would be so tired) and his eyes kept drooping shut but he couldn't get comfortable. He coughed a few times like he might get sick to his stomach. I felt his chest and it seemed like his heart was beating rather fast so I went to grab the stethescope. His resting HR was almost 130! I just knew he was back in atrial flutter like he had been this summer so I went to get the phone to call the card before they left for the weekend and he vomited all over his bed. I checked his temp and it was 97.5 so I thought it absolutely had to be his heart. This is exactly what happens to him when he is in flutter, only this time he was paler and even more listless. Kelly told us to come in so we could interrogate the pacemaker and see if he was. He vomited again on the way to St. John's, turned white as a ghost and fell asleep. I kept waking him up thinking that if he fell asleep he'd go unconscious or something. When we got there, she did an ekg first and faxed it to Dr. Bromberg who was somewhere else doing an ablation. He read it and said it looked good but wanted the interrogation. She hooked him up and got his atrial EGM and Dr. Bromberg pulled that up from where he was and said that he was in Normal Sinus Rhythm.

So. . .that leaves us with either 1) he caught a stomach bug while at the Take Care Clinic waiting for his H1N1 shot-unlikely since everyone there was just there for the shot, no sick people waiting in line, or 2) he's having a reaction to the vaccine. What's scary to me is not that he's vomiting, but that his heart rate is so high and staying so high while resting. Kelly told us that from the people and nurses she's talked to about the vax, if someone has a reaction, it generally presents within 24 hours and lasts between 24-48 hours. She said if he's not better by Sunday to call our pediatrician.

As we left the office he seemed to be doing fine and asked for a sucker and ate it before we even got buckled in the car seat. We decided not to sit in traffic all the way back out west so we went to meet Daddy and the girls at Cece's swim practice, which was just winding up. By the time we got there, he was being a wild man and silly and acted just fine. We decided to eat something down south before coming all the way back home and he ate and drank and was silly as could be in the restaurant. He downed 1.5 glasses of chocolate milk and by the end of the meal, he looked a little green again. He made one burp that sounded like there was more behind it so we promptly left the restaurant and headed home. I covered him with bibs and towels hoping to avoid the inevitable, disgusting mess that was bound to occur on the way. Instead of getting sick, he fell asleep and has been sleeping ever since. Please say a prayer that whatever was going on with him is over and on it's way out the door! We are so thankful it wasn't his heart and are just hoping that his heart rate can stay down. I checked it a minute ago and it was around 100 so that sounds a lot better to me!


barnesquads said...

Hope & pray it's nothing! Will you please email at which take care clinic had the h1n1 shot. I've been calling everyday and getting no where.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone

Connie is proof that prayers are answered all the time. Connie could not be in a better family. Our prayers are with you all.

pat dubuque

H. James said...

Hopefully its nothing. Bailey seemed like she had a fever and was really tired about 24 hours after her shot. I waited to take her temp, since she had just been fed and I didn't want her to vomit (which she often does). By bedtime, she seemed normal. I have chalked that up to the vaccine - she sometimes gets fevers from those. Hopefully its just nothing and goes away by morning!

Wodzisz Family said...

I hope and pray that it is nothing...or that whatever it was is now gone.

Anonymous said...

It seems that life for you is constantly up and down. I pray there will come a time free of worry and concern for you--any more than is normal for a parent and child! I am praying much that all will be well--it sounds hopeful. Please keep well yourself and know God is with you. Love, Sr Josephine