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--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cute Note about Connie's Communication Skills

Today Connie was in the middle of his weekly speech therapy session with Ms. Chris when Nurse Jen arrived to administer the monthly dose of Synagis to vaccinate him against RSV. When Connie looked up and saw Jen, he immediately started shaking his head, "No" and then folded his hands in prayer. It was like he was asking God to deliver him from having to get two shots! Greg, Chris and Jen all died laughing. Connie apparently didn't think it was a funny situation. He definitely remembers Jen and what her job is, even though he's only seen her a few minutes in November and December. That boy is unbelievable. Grandma even said last night at dinner that it's like he might forget that we all think he doesn't/can't say much. Out of the blue he said, "I want more milk." Now, it wasn't quite that clear, but I wasn't the only one who could understand him. Where did a complete sentence come from? The most we've heard is two words or two syllables strung together! I need to take a video of him answering questions because it is so cute the way he says, "uh huh" (his version of yes). His whole body moves in agreement and his voice gets really high pitched on the first syllable. It's a sight!

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Kevin said...

Hello, I found your blog page through April Giesmann whom I have been chatting with about my heart baby. I am encouraged to see how well Conway is growing, especially with the removal of his NG tube! How great is that. From what I have been reading our sons have similar anatomy but are having different surgeries.

Our son, Matthew, was born on 12/18/06 with Single left ventricle, corrected TGA where his ventricles are switched, double inlet valves, Pulmonary Atresia, and VSD. He has had the BT shunt at 4 days, NG tube at 2 months, Glenn shunt at 4 months, G tube at 10 months and Pacemaker at 11 months. We are now in a holding pattern for his Fontan in 2010. His pacemaker was just far enough away that the GI doc could do the g-tube, but he would of preferred it in a different location.

Did your son just start eating on his own after some time? I have noticed that our boy is eating a little more, but not nearly enough to sustain.

We also go through first steps for speech and we have noticed that he began to talk more after we removed his NG tube. He still will only say some one or two word sentences and many signs that he has learned.

Anyhow, I wanted to say "hi" and to introduce myself We live in KC and have everything done at Children's Mercy Hospital in downtown KC.

We pray that everything goes well with your family and with Conway. If you are interested we have a carepage at carepages.com, carepage name "matthewzak".

Take care
Kevin Ringo