"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Monday, February 17, 2014

Great Report

We braved the icy roads (which weren't very bad by 9:45am) to make the trip to Mercy and see our favorite cardiologist.  Everyone was so happy to see him and couldn't get over how much he'd grown.  Seriously, like four people in the office remarked about how old and tall he looked.  After he got weighed and measured, it was official.  He's grown 7 (!) inches in 18 months!

Nurse Kelly did his vitals and caught up with him on what he's been feeling like.  He said P.E. is hard and that he gets tired, but that is nothing new.  I actually think he is more tired from his physical/muscle delays and weakness than he is from a cardiac standpoint. 

Connie waited patiently to get called for his echo. Here he was practicing taking "deep breaths" for the doctor.

He had his echo and had the added bonus of having his echo analyzed by an echo tech student along with Dr. Bromberg.  Doctor told the student that if he could read Connie's, he could read any echo!

Next up was the doctor visit.  He was getting a little squirmy and bored by this point, but was friendly as usual.

The doctor was pleased with his unchanged echo and thinks he looks great.  He ordered some lab work to check his BNP level just to be sure it isn't creeping back up now that we're off of the Enalapril.  He said to stay off of it for now and he'll see us again this summer just so we can get on a yearly summer visit schedule.  He's going the last Monday in July.We didn't do a pacemaker check this time since we just sent in a reading in early January, but we'll continue doing that every three months and at the July appointment he will interrogate again.

We went downstairs for the blood draw and our superstar didn't even flinch.  He is really growing up! In the past, he has always sat on my lap for blood work but not this time.  He just hopped up in the chair and rolled up his sleeve!
We'll update when we get results, but are pretty ecstatic that once again, God has blessed us with a wonderful report and our Connie's heart keeps on beating strong.  Thank you for your prayers!


H. James said...

Great report! Hope the bnp is great, too! !

Anonymous said...

I am so glad! Thanks be to God. Do take care, all of you. Love and prayers, Sr J