"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st Grade!

 Look who photobombed this pic. Silly Karsten!
 No more peter pan collar for my big girl this year. She's growing up so fast! PE shoes are a size 5.5 Women's!
Today is the first day of 1st Grade for our boy!  Mookie is starting 3rd this year and is so thrilled to have the teacher she wanted and be in class with three of her best friends.  Conway is happy that his best friend is in his class, but not very excited about the start of school because, "There's no rest time in first grade!" I told him I'd have him come down and explain to my 4 yr old class the benefits of it since none of them seem to want to rest :)  I have met with his new teachers and nurse and they are all up to speed with his current health status. 

We still have not gotten the results of the holter monitor and I have been so busy with the move and getting settled here that I have not even gotten his disposable cameras from Camp Rhythm developed yet! I am behind and the school year is just beginning. This is not a good sign!  He loved camp again and even briefly made an appearance in a news story about it.

We are going to a meeting tonight to learn more about Cub Scouts and see if that is an activity that would interest Connie.  I think it would be good for him since it is not necessarily athletic and will give him something to do besides watch TV/play Xbox.  He is so hard to get up and get moving and it is hard to tell if it is just the way he is or if there is a reason for it.  Unless you take him to a bowling alley or putt putt course/driving range, he doesn't want to get off the couch (except to jump on/off it and wrestle on it with Karsten).  He is still taking piano lessons and seems to enjoy them.  He says he wants to play tennis like Mookie, but I don't think he is physically ready yet.  His coordination and strength are still pretty immature.

He continued with his occupational therapy this summer.  His therapist doesn't travel this far east so they were going to assign a new therapist.  We thought it might be time with the start of school to give him a little break and see how he adjusts to a new classroom and schedule before adding more to his plate.  He has been napping most afternoons if we go anywhere in the car and is probably going to be tired after a full day of school.

And not to leave out Karsten, he started preschool last Thursday and likes it. he cried briefly the second day, but seems to adjust pretty easily to new situations.  
Baby Frances is the happiest baby ever and is our joy.  She is beginning to roll over and screech like a pterodactyl. We just can't get enough of her!
We just had some photos taken and this was the best we could get of everyone!


Anonymous said...

SOOOOO happy to see him looking all dapper and GQ!

Have a great school year and keep me posted! Stop by for a visit!

Nurse Caren

Anonymous said...

What great news this is! I just love the pictures of everybody. You have so much to thank God for! Talk about being behind--I think is is practically a miracle that you have managed as well as you have. Moving is an all-encompassing task! Know that you all are in my prayers daily. With love, and wishing you many blessings, Sister Josephine