"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The time has come. Connie is finally old enough to attend Camp Rhythm, a camp for kids who have had open heart surgery. From ages 5-8 children can attend day camp or "mini camp", after that it is an overnight camp located 40 minutes from our house. We are so blessed that he is able to attend after all. It is kind of one of those silver linings of the surgery being postponed. Less than 12 hours from now he will be making friends with 19 other little kids who have been through similar struggles and share the same strength and courageous attitude we see in him. I have witnessed adolescents who have attended this camp for years and seen the bonds that tie and lifelong friendships they form and I am excited for Conway to have that same opportunity. He already knows a few heart friends, some of which will be attending too. There are other heart kiddos we follow online, and over the past six months he has really become interested in them as well, probably because these kiddos have had a lot going on health-wise recently and we've prayed for them often. He is especially fond of Keian and Tim. He is really bummed that these boys live far away and won't be at camp. I'm crossing my fingers that one day we will have a reunion for all the L-TGA families we've grown to love these past five years and these kids and parents can meet. We've cried, celebrated and prayed for these kids during the ups and downs of this disease. Tomorrow, our heart family will grow just a little bigger as we meet new families and children on this journey. Conway is packed and ready to go. He says he's a little excited and a little nervous. I bet after the first ten minutes the nerves go away! By the way, he is all better, finally! Thank you for praying.


Ray said...

How exciting for Conway, he will have a great time. So glad to hear he feels better.
Peace, Love & Gods Blessing

Brittany said...

I had the privilege of meeting Conway at Camp Rhythm yesterday! We had such a fun day of carnival games, swimming, throwing water balloons, face paintings, and tye dying shirts! He was so excited about everything that he used both of his cameras before noon! Too funny- you have to look the excitement kids have about life! This was my first year at camp and I was inspired by all of the kids, especially Conway after reading his blog. Thank you for giving me his blog and I will continue to follow it. I pray God will be with your family during his surgery and Conway will have a miraculous recovery so he can come back to camp next year!!!