"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Versed makes me so giddy!

Monkers got an ID bracelet too!

"I so tired."

"All done Dr. Bromberg's Hospital."

It was a long day but went well, I'd say. Arrived at 9:45 am and got discharged around 6:30 or so. They weren't in any hurry to get rid of him b/c of his cardiac history. The anesthesiologist was even going to admit him if it made us more comfortable. We all felt better giving him as much time as he needed and given how much morphine and benadryl that he received, he needed a lot of time just to be able to hold his head up and keep his eyes open longer than a few seconds! He woke up pretty discombobulated in the recovery room but settled down pretty well once they got me back there to see him. I got to hold him and rock him the rest of the hour and then back to the pre-op holding area. He drank a total of 2.5 small cans of sprite and ate doritos and teddy grahams. All was fine until we got on the highway heading home in a torrential downpour when he vomited all over. And I mean ALL OVER! So far he's not been sick again and we're crossing our fingers it's out of his system. The big problem now is going to be keeping him safe. We absolutely must to keep him from reinjuring that arm. Today Dr. Stazzone was able to do a closed reduction, but if this happens again he'll have to make an incision and put rods or pins in the bone. Today he might have even done that but he weighed the risks of potential cardiac complications with extended surgery time and decided that the alignment he was getting was good enough. He referred to the way the bones are placed now as "bayonetting"; meaning that they are not perfectly straight, but one is a little elevated and parallel. He says if it stays this way he'll heal just fine and have no long term problems. We go back in another week to make sure the bone is still in the right place. He says he'll have the cast at least another month and then he's putting him in a brace for a month. We're praying that we can keep him from acting like a boy for at least the next two weeks so that this bone can calcify some and harden.

He got tons of compliments on how well he handled the day. They say most three year olds don't do nearly that well. God sure blessed us, didn't he?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, God blessed you with a beautiful boy who is obviously very precious to Him as well as to you. I pray that all continues to go well, and that good solid healing takes place. Try to get some rest for yourself as well!
Love to you as always. Sr J