"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good News and Bad News

The good news is Connie can no longer be called "four eyes." He was cleared from wearing glasses today. The eye doctor said that he is right on the borderline of needing them and he told Greg that if you asked twenty-five doctors, half would say he should wear them and half would say don't worry about it. He is not cross-eyed. He is not bumping into things. These are symptoms he told Greg to look for as reasons to come back in for a check-up. Otherwise, they'll wait to check him again until next June! I knew it. God is correcting his vision and we are so thankful.

The bad news is that he is still quite fussy. He was high maintenance all day and didn't even enjoy PT the way he usually does. Ms. Deb even noted that his endurance was down some from his normal level. He seems quite tired (hmmm. Could that be because he was up from 12am on?) and yet is having trouble sleeping. He had two more bouts of diarrhea today but his appetite did pick up some.

The other bad news is that we're still in limbo with the vaccine for RSV, Synagis. I got two calls tonight from our home health care company that sends the nurse to administer the injections asking me to get involved with the insurance company. They said that while they hate to have to do it, sometimes getting the parents to join the fight is the only way to get an answer from them in a more timely fashion. They have tried pleading with Cigna all about how he is a high risk kiddo and needs his dose and to please put a rush on the review, but it is going nowhere. So tomorrow, I'll be calling Cigna back yet again. I almost have the 800 number memorized I've had to call it so much already this fall! I will say this much; their automated phone system is much more user-friendly than Anthem's.

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Gudrun Thompson said...

Hey Erin! It's Gudrun - formerly of BDC. Yeah, you read correctly - "formerly". I left there about 6 weeks ago to pursue another opportunity for better pay & benefits doing basically the same things. Anyway, my question is about the Medicaid you had found for Conway back when we knew we couldn't get him on the group medical. Susan who used to also work at BDC is dealing with her boyfriend's autistic son who they also think has Muscular Dystrophy and although there's group coverage in place right now, there's no guarantee it'll last forever. He's in the mortgage business and we all know how that's going right now! If you could give me a phone number or a computer link or anything that I could pass on to Susan, I would appreciate it. Conway is growing and growing and I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the new pictures!