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--Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Developmental Screening Results

Connie was screened today by the Parents as Teachers parent educator. It was a 2nd Edition "Ages and Stages Questionnaire"--12 month/1 year ASQ Information Summary. He got 10 pts for each YES, 5 for Sometimes, and 0 for NO. There were 6 questions/skills in each section. The sections were Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving and Personal-social.

1) Play a nursery game such as so big, clap, etc--YES
2) Follow a simple command without gesture (he did "give it to me")--YES
3)Say a word other than Mama or Dada--NO
4)Look at objects when you say "where is the . . ."--YES
5)Shake head when he means no or yes--YES

Gross Motor:
1)Bend down to pick up a toy and stand back up--NO (he does this with help though)
2)Lower himself while holding on without flopping down or falling--YES
3)Walk along furniture holding on with only one hand--NO
4)If you hold his hands will he take several steps without tripping or falling?--NO
5)Take several steps forward holding on with only one hand?--NO
6)Stand in the middle of floor by self and take several steps forward?--NO

Fine Motor:
1)Pick up a string with first finger and thumb?--YES
2)Pick up a cheerio or crumb with tips of thumb and finger?--YES
3)Put a small toy down without dropping it and then take hand off toy?--YES
4)Use pincer grasp without resting his arm or hand on the table?--YES
5)Throw a ball with overhand motion--NO (he does roll the ball back)
6)Help turn pages of a book?--YES

Problem Solving:
1)Clap two toys together?--YES
2)Poke or try to get something that is inside a clear bottle--YES
3)Find a toy that you've hidden completely)--YES
4)Copy you after you put a toy in a bowl or box?--YES
5)Drop small toys, one after the other, into a container?--YES
6)Scribble on paper--SOMETIMES (he went back and forth but was holding it wrong so it didn't make marks)

1)Offer toy to you when you ask?-YES
2)Push arms through sleeves once arm is started in hole?-YES
3)Let go of a toy when giving it to you?-YES
4)Lift foot for shoe, sock or pant leg?--NO (he never wears shoes!)
5)roll a ball back to you?-YES
6)Hug a stuffed animal or doll?--YES

Overall Scores:
Communication: 50/60, norm is 15.8 to 60
Gross Motor: 10/60, norm is 18-60
Fine Motor: 50/60, norm is 28.4-60
Problem Solving: 55/60, norm is 25.2-60
Personal Social: 50/60, norm is 20.1-60

AND this was on the one year old (12 month) level. I'm just ecstatic that he didn't have to be scored on a younger form--like the 8 month old or 10 month old forms, let alone do this well on this form!

After the seizure and all the questions we had about him neurologically after such a long time on bypass, this is VERY reassuring to me!

2 other cute things he did recently include trying to comb his hair with his comb (on command even) and taking turns playing with two objects with Ms. Deb during PT on Friday. He would bang them together and then hand them to her and then she'd do the same and hand them back. This went on several times back and forth and was very cute. His receptive language is definitely right on! Yay Connie!


Unknown said...

Looks like the report of a very healthy, normal twelve month old! What great progress! Congratulations to all of you! You've ALL worked so hard and it's paying off. Not only has your precious baby survived a huge ordeal, he's thriving and doing very well!
Praise God!
Debbie Gentry

SrJosephine said...

I am so thrilled and thankful to God for the wonderful progress Connie is making! I can see he is a very bright boy, and I have great hope for his future wellbeing. I am sure much of his success is due to your own love, care, concern, and work with him. God bless you richly, dear Erin. Count on my prayers. Sr Josephine