"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
--Jeremiah 29:11

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Helper Meds are Helping

My guess is that the Lasix is doing it's job of relieving some heart failure symptoms as Connie seemed much more comfortable and content today. He also had some verrryy wet diapers. I guess I hadn't realized how little he'd been peeing. I think getting rid of some of that fluid helped, although now his eyes are sinking in a little he's so dry:(

Rundown of today: He took his new thyroid med like a champ. Crushed and mixed with blue powerade. Then he had to wait 1/2 hour to eat breakfast or take other meds according to the directions. This made him mad! He was sitting in his chair, watching Max and Ruby, and complaining. I think that's a great thing he wanted to eat. Yay! The Lasix bottle says to eat a banana everyday (you lose potassium while taking it which is dangerous when you are also taking amiodarone) and he had been eating bananas daily until, you guessed it, we want him to. So, no luck with the banana today. I did get him to drink about 3 or 4 oz. of powerade though, so that probably gave him some good electrolytes. I'll tell myself it did, anyway. He did want some toast so he ate 3/4 of a piece. That was pretty good, along with some "nog nog". He played with some toys a little while Mom and I tried cleaning up the playroom area downstairs. He did a little whining, but nothing like the last few days. He still prefers me to all others, but did go to Grandma for some cuddling so I could get some work done and give her a break. At lunch he only ate a few bites of biscuit and one bite of scrambled egg. He didn't get much nap. He acted tired and agreed to lay down twice, but both times got up and said he was "done". I put him on the chair while we were straightening up and looked over five minutes later and he was out. He probably got 20 minutes, I'm guessing. He had a lot of goldfish crackers and cheerios for a snack and had a bite of chicken and a bowl of mandarin oranges at dinner. He keeps asking to "eat" but won't tell us what he wants. I know when I don't feel well, nothing really sounds good either. So we are left to go through all of the options and listen as he refuses until we finally say one that he agrees to. It seems ridiculous to me, but I guess it's what we'll do for the next few weeks. It just goes against every parenting bone in my body to do it that way! He got mottled legs again at dinnertime. They went away after his super warm bath. I put him in winter, footed pj's in hopes of keeping him a bit warmer. He's not a fan of socks or covers at night so I guess that's the next best thing.

The biggest differences I noted in him today were his expressions and his vocalizations. While he wasn't up running and kicking, he tried talking along with the shows he watched on the ipod. He didn't sit there with that furrowed brow like he does when he's uncomfortable. He laughed. He wanted to be tickled. He initiated games and interactions. He got silly. He showed joy.


Lisa P said...

Oh thank goodness for showing silliness and joy!!!! That's a step in the right direction until some bigger help can arrive!!!! Way to go Connie!!

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate all these details, though it takes extra time for you to tell us about them. It makes me feel I am right there with you, knowing what is happening with our dear little Connie and with you. Thank you, Erin, for keeping us in the loop.
Sister J

Anonymous said...

Erin - I got this list off something...maybe these other foods will perk his interest.

It is imperative that you nutritionally suppliment the potassium. If not, check with the pharmacist.

•citrus fruits
•soy products
•veggie burgers

My breaks over, back to the homework...


Jenn said...

lots of prayers and love are going your way. you are a fabulous, strong family and are exactly what connie needs. God has an angel with you to keep you all under His wings until connie comes through this. i agree with the doctor...he needs to, and will very soon, get back to the business of being a little boy!

Christine said...

I'm glad the lasix is helping. Another helpful medicine mixer - chocolate syrup. You can mix almost anything with it, and it has been working quite well here :)